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Recurring Grant for War Memorial Hostels

The War Memorial Hostels (WMHs) were constructed with a view to provide shelter to the children of War widows or war-disabled service personnel, both in attributable or non attributable cases. Each Regimental Centre has been provided with a non-recurring grant for construction and furnishing of WMH. Recurring grants are provided to WMHs for wards of Defence personnel @ Rs.1350/- p.m. per ward for both attributable and non-attributable cases. Admission to WMHs is open to the wards of all defence personnel including those of Navy and Air Force in the following order of priority.

  • Wards of War Widows.
  • Wards of War Disabled.
  • Wards of Attributable casualties.
  • Wards of Non Attributable casualties (died in harness).

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