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This scheme to provide financial assistance to ESM and their widows for helping them in educating their wards was started in 1981 with an amount of Rs 15/- per child per month for a maximum of three children up to Class XII. This scheme was last revised in Oct 2011 into a monthly grant of Rs 1000/- per month per child (for maximum two children*) up to graduation and also for widows to pursue Post Graduation degree. This grant is not applicable for any of the professional or technical courses/degrees.


Aim of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to up to a maximum of two dependent children of those ESM or their widows, up to the ranks of Havildar in the Army and equivalent in the Navy and Air Force, who are not in receipt of such benefit from from the State or his Employer. It is also applicable to widows for post-graduation degree course.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligibility criteria for availing financial assistance under this scheme are as follows:-
  • (a) Applicant must be an ESM/ widow/Orphan dependent.
  • (b) Should be of rank Havildar/equivalent and below.
  • (c) The scheme is applicable for classes 1 to 12 of school and undergraduate classes of a degree college. This grant is also admissible to widows who wish to pursue 2-year post graduate degree. The ward/widow shall complete the course successfully.
  • (d) The applicant should not be drawing education allowance or similar benefit from the State or is employer.
  • (e) The scheme is eligible for only first two children. However, in case of twin children, below mentioned condition shall be applicable:-
  • (i) In case the 1st and 2nd children are twins only twins will be eligible as maximum two children are permitted.
  • (ii) In case 2nd and 3rd children are twins, both will be eligible for this financial assistance alongwith 1st child. In such cases, ESM can avail this grant for three children subject to fulfillment of above mentioned criteria. In such cases, applicant MUST first fill the application for the two children who are twins (same date of birth). Thereafter, the applicant will be able to fill a separate application for the remaining child, irrespective of whether the remaining child is elder /younger to the twin children
  • (f) In case of unfortunate demise of 1st or 2nd child. In case of unfortunate demise of 1st child, 2nd and 3rd children as mentioned in discharge book will be eligible. Similarly in case of demise of 2nd child, the 3rd child will be eligible as mentioned in discharge book. The death certificate will be uploaded as supporting document with online application for scrutiny.

  • Document Required
  • Login to the web portal of KSB, and apply for the Education grant. Scanned image of the following documents must be uploaded on the system (The size of the image in terms of MB has been mentioned online).Copies of the following documents duly attested by the respective ZSWO must accompany the application:-
  • (a) Service Document/Discharge Book of ESM (Page that contains ESM/Personal Particulars, Service Particulars and Family Particulars).
  • (b) ESM or Widow I-Card issued by respective ZSB.
  • (c) Mark-sheet / School Progress Card of child/children.
  • (d) Part –II Order mentioning names of the children) for which grant is sought or there should be a proper entry to this effect in the Discharge Book/Documents.
  • (e) A self certificate from applicant saying that he/she has not taken any money/grant from the state or present employer in the form of education allowance or scholarship.
  • (f) Details of Bank A/c No and IFS Code of the ESM.
  • (g) Aadhaar Card copy of the ESM.

  • Channel of Application
  • The application for the just concluded academic year must be submitted online by an eligible ESM / their widows to respective ZSB as per the schedule promulgated by KSB Sectt. ZSWO will scrutinize the online applications, give appointment to the applicant and after due verification, will recommend the online application and forward it via RSB to the KSB Sectt for approval and payment in the current financial year. The cut-off dates for all categories shall be uploaded on NEWS Section of the web portal, Cases older than one year will not be accepted.In case of Payment failure, follow instruction circulated vide KSB Letter no. 181/Welfare/Re-issue/Obsn/20-21 Dt 09 Feb 2021.The Applicant is required to apply for the grant after successful completion of every academic year.

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