PMSS General Information

Other Important Aspects for ESM/Student Relating to PMSS

  • Students to response in time according to SMS/e-mail received from Kendriya Sainik Board.
  • E-mail and Mobile Number mentioned in the application must be of student. Alternate Mobile Number can be of ESM. E-mail and mobile number once registered should not be changed since all messages being sent to the registered e-mail/mobile number
  • During checking of new application if observation raised from ZSB/RSB and KSB is not rectified within the stipulated time frame of 10 days, then the application will be automatically rejected by the system. So ensure that the observation is rectified in time to avoid system rejection of application.
  • During the period from January to May, processing, selection and preparation of merit list of new application (1st year students) is being done by KSB. Processing and payment of renewal application is done as and when received by KSB throughout the year EXCEPT from January to May. Student/ESM to keep in mind the periodicity of checking of application (new and renewal) before raising any query relating to checking/payment status of applications.
  • Student/ESM should login to KSB account to check the status of application. It is to be noted while application status is showing pending to the student dashboard, but on ground the application is in the process at different levels / functionaries at KSB.
  • Student studying abroad as well as distance learning case is not eligible for PMSS
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