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Educational Concession 

Grant of Education concession is  admissible to the children of the Armed Forces personnel Missing/ Disabled/ Killed in action  vide GOI, MOD letter No.  6(1)/2009/Edu Concessions / D (Res-II) dated 13 Sep 2017. This concession is admissible only for undertaking studies in Govt. Govt. aided schools educational institutes, Military/ Sainik Schools and other schools and colleges recognised by theCentral or State Governments including autonomous organisations financed entirely by the Central/ State Governments. Vide GOI, MOD letter No.  6(1)/2009/Edu Concessions / D (Res-II) dated 23 Mar  2018 , the cap of Rs 10,000/- imposed on the combined amount of Tuition Fees and Hostel Charges  vide Para 5 of the aforementioned letter is removed.

Claims for reimbursement of above concessions is admitted by AG’s Branch, IHQ of MoD (Army) and  all claims are to be submitted to:-

Ceremonial & Welfare Dte / CW-3, AG’s Branch, IHQ of MoD (Army),South Block,New Delhi – 110 011 

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