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All the pensioners of Armed Forces have been provided medical cover compulsorily under ECHS wef 01 Apr 2008. However, non-pensioner ESM who were sent out of services early in their life due to organizational constraints or discharged at their own request have no such medical cover. With ever increasing costs of health care, it becomes extremely difficult for non-pensioner ESM to combat diseases especially in old age. At such age, medical expenses push such ESM into a state of poverty and loss of dignity. The scheme to provide financial assistance to non-pensioners, who are without any other sources of income and in state of penury,was started in year 1981 with an amount depending upon nature and gravity of ailment. This was last revised in August 2023 with onetime grant of Rs 50,000/-.


The aim of this aid gratis is to provide financial assistance to non-pensioner ESM or their widow to meet routine medical expenses during the year.

Financial Assistance

For the medical treatment out of AFFDF is provided up to a maximum of Rs.50,000/- per year per eligible ESM/widow, in a financial year. The expenditure incurred on treatment of various serious ailments is covered under a separate scheme.

Eligibility Conditions

The following criteria must be fulfilled:-

  • (a)  Application to be submitted within 180days from date of discharge from hospital/last prescription.
  • (b)  Applicant must be a non-pensioner ESM or his widow.
  • (c) Should be of rank Havildar/equivalent and below.
  • (d) Should be recommended by respective Zila Sainik Board (ZSB) & Rajya Sainik Board (RSB).
  • (e) Expenditure must be incurred at recognized government hospitals at rates approved under CGHS/ ECHS.


Application should be made in prescribed format with recommendation of ZilaSainik Welfare Officer (ZSWO) on it. A specimen application form is placed at Annexure 1. Copies of following documents duly attested by ZSWO must accompany the application:-

  • (a) Discharge book/documents.
  • (b) I-Card issued by ZSB is must both for ESM & widows.
  • (c) Original medical bills countersigned by the attending doctor.
  • (d) Hospital discharge summary countersigned by attending doctor.
  • (e) A certificate from the applicant stating that he/she has not taken any money/grant from the State or present employer in the form of reimbursement or medical allowance.
  • (f) Details of Bank A/c No (in PNB/SBI only) and IFS Code.

Channel of Application

The application must be submitted by an eligible Orphan or Legal/Natural Guardian at respective ZSB. ZSWO will scrutinize the application and If found correct, will recommend all such applications through respective RSB to the KSB Sectt for processing through respective RSB.

Payment Procedure

After approval of the applications, list of the approved cases will be verified by the Welfare Section for payment. After verifying the service no, name, bank's IFS Code and Account number of beneficiaries, the Welfare Section will forward the approved list to the Accounts Section for payments, which will make the payments directly to the beneficiaries as per fund availability.

Subsequent Grant

An applicant may apply for the medical grant again during the same year subject to the ceiling of Rs 30,000/- maximum in a financial year.

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